Ozark MMJ Cards PR PTSD Assessment

by June 15, 2020

[Bentonville, Arkansas – May 25, 2020] Ozark MMJ Cards is excited to announce that a complimentary, online PTSD self-assessment is available for patients.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event and includes symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive thoughts. PTSD symptoms can last for a short time or follow a patient for the rest of their life, depending on the event, scenario, and person. There are effective treatments for PTSD that can reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the condition. Medical cannabis can help patients with their symptoms; PTSD is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in the state of Arkansas.  

Ozark MMJ Cards created the free, online assessment to help patients determine if PTSD may be impacting their lives and to what extent. Once the assessment is completed, Dr. Whitelocke will thoroughly review the assessment and determine if PTSD may be impacting the patient and their quality of life. Then, the Customer Service Manager will reach out to the patient to schedule a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Whitelocke. 

According to Dr. Whitelocke, the founder of Ozark MMJ Cards, “PTSD can have devastating long-term impacts on a patient’s psyche. The backstories tattoo the most shocking images on the mind. It can be terribly disturbing to see firsthand the depths of mental anguish the human conscience can endure. My team and I are committed to our community and patients and want to offer tools and resources that provide value. The PTSD self-assessment is offered on other websites for a fee. We knew we needed to create a comprehensive PTSD assessment and ensure everyone has access to it, which is why we do not charge a fee for it.”

Ozark MMJ Cards’ focus is the integration of natural green medicine with modern scientific approaches. Ozark MMJ Cards is modernizing healthcare by harmonizing the body’s equilibrium with nature. Dr. Whitelocke and his team provide natural remedies for the natural state through medical cannabis card certification. Ozark MMJ Cards is committed to providing quality care, accessibility, and great value – our medical and customer service teams are here to educate and guide patients every step of the way through their dispensary card certification journey. Ozark MMJ Cards offers medical marijuana certifications via telemedicine (virtual appointments) and in a safe location in Bentonville (615 N Walton Boulevard, Suite H, Bentonville, AR 72712) without waiting rooms. Visit https://www.ozarkmmjcards.com/ to view qualifying conditions, set an appointment with a doctor, or find out more about medical marijuana certification.