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About Ozark MMJ Cards

Since its inception, Ozark MMJ Cards has devoted itself to the mission of bringing natural, green medicine to the forefront of modern science. We aim to modernize healthcare by making it easier for individuals to access medical marijuana to help aid their physical and mental wellbeing.

Ozark MMJ Cards began as Arkansas’ first and only service bringing marijuana card certifications right to patients’ doorsteps. Like so many other businesses, COVID-19 prompted us to rethink our operations and the way we serve our patients. As part of the new normal, we transitioned from an in-person concierge service to include telemedicine and virtual visits.

Today, as we continue to expand, one thing remains unaltered: Our promise to provide superior care at a cost-friendly value. Our medical staff and customer service team remain eager to support and guide patients through every step of their marijuana card certification journey.

The Dream Team

dr daniel whitelocke portrait

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke, M.D.

Owner, CEO

dr janelle pavao whitelocke portrait

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke, owner and CEO, found himself dissatisfied with how difficult and expensive it was to obtain a medical marijuana card in Arkansas. As an avid believer in the Walton Philosophy, Dr. Daniel decided that the only way to be competitive in today’s marketplace was to offer the best service available at the lowest possible price. This prompted him to wonder, “Why isn’t anyone doing that with medical marijuana?!” Inspired to modernize this process and help make it easier for patients to receive the medicine they need when they need it, he founded Ozark MMJ Cards. What started as a small, convenient mobile service in Arkansas has now expanded to an in-person and telemedicine service helping patients across the United States. As we continue to grow, Dr. Daniel’s mission to center the organization around patient satisfaction remains the driving force behind all operations — ensuring each patient experience is an exceptional one.

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke - - Chief Operations Officer - AR MMJ Cards

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke

Chief Operations Officer

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke, our Operations Officer and wife of Dr. Daniel, was brought on board for operational support. Daniel started Ozark MMJ Cards while Janelle was wrapping up her last year in college for computer information systems. In an effort to get her to join the team, Daniel would periodically send her small projects to help Ozark MMJ Cards run more smoothly. Before you know it, she was heading all of the company’s operations. Janelle says that she and Dr. Daniel make a great team. Their transparency of communication helps create a smoothly running, and easy-to-use patient care system, and patient experience.

From AR Concierge MD to Ozark MMJ Cards: A History of Our Company's Evolution

dr daniel whitelocke working on his computer
“[Ozark MMJ Cards] is the brainchild of endless cups of coffee. I’m not advising excess caffeine intake, but it’s the truth.” – Dr. Daniel Whitelocke.

After the State of Arkansas legalized marijuana for medical use, Dr. Whitelocke worked towards creating a system that allowed patients to obtain their medical marijuana cards conveniently and affordably. One Thursday afternoon, after much verbal planning and hypothesizing, he decided to dive in feet-first and announce the launch of his new business venture at that year’s Fayetteville LGBTQ Pride Festival (which happened to be in two days). “Thursday and Friday of the week before were spent rushing orders for business cards, banners, and everything needed for a booth at the parade,” Dr. Whitelocke said. “Trying to come up with designs for everything on the fly was just maddening.”

In the end, the hustle and bustle paid off — Ozark MMJ Cards (then called “AR Concierge MD”) was able to help their very first patient that following week. Calls for patient service began pouring in. Not long after, Dr. Daniel and his wife, Janelle, realized they would need help and made the decision to hire individuals who shared in their industrial values.

Dr. Whitelocke contributes their tremendous growth to the continued appreciation they show for all of Ozark MMJ Cards’ amazing patients and countless referrals.

Mrs. Rachel Schepp was later hired to oversee customer service and coordinate scheduling, almost entirely on her own. The Whitelockes had known Rachel and were very familiar with her work quality, friendly demeanor, and business ethic. They knew she’d be the perfect addition to the team.

Customer Service Development

patient care manager of ozark mmj cards

Rachel Schepp

Patient Care Manager

Rachel Schepp took on the responsibilities of what normally would be 3+ employees. She answered an onslaught of telephone calls and patiently answered every question she was asked. Helping patients register for certification with the state of Arkansas is a service Rachel offered completely unprompted. To this day, it is an exclusive service we offer that many other medical marijuana companies do not. We built our customer care on Rachel’s influence. Thanks to her irreplaceable contributions and our incredible team, Ozark MMJ Cards now runs like a well-oiled machine, and our patients are consistently pleased.

The final milestone in our young company was the creation of a new site and our re-naming. In another effort to provide convenient service to our patients and viewers, we wanted to create a URL that was both easy to remember and easy to access. Thus, was born. It is our hope that you enjoy our site and continue to connect with us through our blog.