About Ozark MMJ Cards

Ozark MMJ Cards’ focus is combining natural, green medicine with modern science. We are bringing healthcare up to date by balancing the body with nature.

Ozark MMJ Cards was the first and only service in Arkansas that brought marijuana card certification to patients’ doorsteps. COVID-19 prompted us to change how we serve our patients – we moved from a concierge service to telemedicine (virtual visits)

Our promise to give awesome care at a great value has not changed – our medical and customer service teams are here to teach and guide patients every step of the way through their marijuana card certification journey.

The Dream Team

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke - AR MMJ Cards Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke, M.D.

Owner, CEO

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke - - Chief Operations Officer - AR MMJ Cards

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke, our owner and CEO came up with this inspired idea for our convenient, then mobile service, now telemedicine service, out of a combination of his love for the convenience of this modern age combined with his dissatisfaction with the difficulty and price of getting a medical marijuana card in Arkansas. “I believe in the Walton philosophy,” says Dr. Daniel “the only way to be competitive in today’s marketplace is to offer the best service available at the lowest possible price. Why isn’t anyone doing that with medical marijuana?!” Well, now we are. Our company is oriented around patient happiness due to Dr. Daniel’s dedication to providing the best patient experience possible.

Mrs. Rachel Schlepp, our incredible Patient Care Manager, is an energetic and ambitious mother of four and has been happily married for over 30 years. She loves focusing on staying active and being spiritually aware and she enjoys storytelling through photography as a hobby.

For our company, she has improved the quality of life of many people that suffer from physical and mental pain by helping to guide them to a better solution. Her patience, attention to detail, and incredible listening skills have become the glue that holds our company’s reputation together. This business simply could not provide the same level of patient service and care without her.

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke, our Operations Officer and wife of Dr. Daniel, was brought on board to help aid in the organization. “I was finishing up my final year in college for computer information systems when Dan started MMJ Cards;” says Janelle “I find organization projects really exciting, and Daniel knows that, so he sucked me in by sending me small projects to get little parts of his business running more smoothly. One thing led to another, and somehow I ended up in charge of operations.” Janelle says she and Dr. Daniel work really well together as a team, and their transparency of communication helps to create a smoothly running, and easy to use patient care system, and patient experience.

From AR Concierge MD to AR MMJ Card: A history of our Company's Evolution

Dr Daniel Whitelocke - MD, CEO - AR MMJ Cards

“[AR MMJ Cards] is the brainchild of endless cups of coffee. I’m not advising excess caffeine intake, but it’s the truth.” – Dr. Daniel Whitelocke.

After the State of Arkansas legalized marijuana for medical use, Dr. Whitelocke started concocting a system that allowed patients to get their cards extremely conveniently at a great value. One Thursday afternoon, after a lot of verbal planning and hypothesizing, he suddenly decided to just jump in and get started by announcing the launch of his new business just two days later at that year’s Fayetteville LGBTQ Pride Festival. “Thursday night and Friday were spent trying to rush business cards, banners, and everything I needed for a booth at the parade,” Dr. Whitelocke said. “Trying to come up with designs for everything on the fly was just maddening.”

In the end, the rush worked out, and AR MMJ Cards, (then called “AR Concierge MD”), got its first patient the next week. Following that day, the calls started coming in like a landslide. At first, Dr. Daniel and his wife, Janelle, were able to keep up with the volume, but over a short period, Dr. Daniel experienced tremendous growth in his practice and needed to hire more passionate individuals like himself. Dr. Whitelocke appreciated his amazing patients and their numerous referrals and was excited to find the perfect match for his team.

Mrs. Rachel Schepp was later hired to handle customer service and coordinate scheduling, almost entirely by herself. The Whitelockes had known Rachel and were very familiar with her work quality and business ethic, so they knew she’d be the perfect addition to the team.

ARMMJ Cards Staff Rachel Schepp

Rachel Schepp

Patient Care Manager

Rachel Schepp worked like three people. She answered the onslaught of calls that rang in, and patiently answered every question she was faced with. She single-handedly coordinated almost everything in the day-to-day running of the business early on. She managed Dr. Daniel’s schedule during the concierge phase of our business, which required timing appointments correctly so that Dr. Daniel could have enough time to drive from one appointment to another; she assured all payments were received before the doctor’s appointments, which often included helping patients pay by phone when they elected to do so; and she made sure every patient was able to complete the process of registering their certification with the state of Arkansas, to ensure they received their medical marijuana card. 

Helping patients register their certification with the state of Arkansas is a service Rachel started offering completely unprompted and is still mostly unique to our company. Most medical marijuana doctors don’t offer that service. “This is something we offer because Rachel offered it initially and I loved the value it brought to my service.” says Dr. Daniel, “If you’re my patient and you’re having trouble with the state’s website, call my customer service team and we’ll walk you through the whole process until we’re sure you got registered. We don’t leave our patients stranded just because we already signed their form. It’s just part of the value that comes with my team.”

Once AR MMJ Cards really stabilized as an online business, Rachel asked the Whitelockes if they would be alright without her. She’d become a grandmother, and wanted to spend more time with her family and perhaps pursue starting a business with her husband. 

“Losing Rachel was devastating, but of course I understood and supported her reasons.” says Dr. Daniel, “I loved my time working with Rachel, and I’ll never forget how she really carried my company through a tough period of growth. In the beginning, we simply could not have run without her.”

Rachel Schepp was ultimately replaced by a team of four members to manage her various roles. “Rachel was a unicorn.” says Janelle Whitelocke, “The way she carried what she did just astounded me. Her abundance of patience and kindness that poured out over the phone really ended up becoming the stamp of our company culture. Every person we hire is carefully selected for their ability to listen, care, and be helpful. We’ve even worked it into our company training.”

AR MMJ Cards now runs like a well-oiled machine, and our patients are consistently pleased.

The final milestone in our young company was the creation of a new site and changing of our name. In another effort to provide convenience to our patients and viewers, we wanted to create a URL that was easy to type. ARMMJCards.com seemed simple and memorable. In 2020, we proudly presented a new, refreshed website. It is our hope that you enjoy the site and check back often to read our educational blog posts..