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If you need a trustworthy Oklahoma or Arkansas cannabis clinic, Ozark MMJ Cards is for you! We service the entire state of Arkansas via in-person medical appointments ($125) as well as the state of Oklahoma via online appointments ($99). Our services are more affordable and efficient than any other cannabis card organization out there! When you need a qualified doctor and a simple application process, our Arkansas and Oklahoma marijuana doctors are here to help. Trust in our team to guide you through the application and registration process in your state!

Quick, Easy, & Legal

We are constantly expanding our service areas and business locations in order to help as many people as possible start their application or apply for a renewal. Our convenient Arkansas cannabis clinic and friendly Oklahoma marijuana doctors offer the best marijuana card certification application and approval process. Check out the qualifying conditions to see if you’re eligible for a medical card and start your application with us today!

Find Your Go-To Cannabis Clinic with Ozark MMJ Cards

Ozark MMJ Cards believes in making every part of the marijuana card application process fast and easy with our streamlined appointment and registration procedures. Determine your eligibility and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated doctors to take the first step toward getting a medical card. Once you’ve been approved, you can find the closest dispensary to your location with our interactive map!

Ready to speak with our Oklahoma or Arkansas cannabis clinic? Reach out to our team by phone at 479.342.4585, by email at [email protected], or through our online form here.