$125 in-office
AR MMJ Certification

Get Certified for Your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card in One of Our Offices

We offer in-expensive marijuana certification in the state of Arkansas! Get your Arkansas MMJ Card certification with us quickly for only $125 in office with our simple process. It’s that easy.

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Arkansas MMJ Card Certification

If you want to be a medical marijuana cardholder, we can give you the highest-quality services in Arkansas. Those who want to get the most helpful customer service, at an affordable price when getting their Arkansas medical marijuana card should know that we make our process super easy so that we can assist all Arkansas residents who need marijuana to get it quickly. There are only three steps with us!

step 1

Qualifying Patient Evaluation

There are 18 qualifying conditions for certification in Arkansas. Our online patient evaluation is FREE and designed to learn more about you and how an Arkansas MMJ card could improve your wellness.

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step 2

Visit With a Doctor

On the morning of your appointment, you will get a DocuSign email that will ask you to add your personal information and signature to your Physician’s Written Certification Form.

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step 3

Register Your Arkansas MMJ Card with the State

After you get the certification form from the doctor, upload it to the Arkansas State website to complete your application for a medical marijuana card.

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A Dedicated Team of Professionals

We strongly believe in making it easy to get an Arkansas medical marijuana card online. We always try to give you the best experience – an affordable and simple way to get Arkansas MMJ card certification. We’ll always give you quality care and we can answer any questions you have about getting your Arkansas medical marijuana card online today.

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke reading a book and smiling.

CEO and founder Dr. Daniel Whitelocke loves giving convenient service. When he saw how hard the Arkansas MMJ card certification process was, he came up with the idea of providing an inexpensive, mobile service.

Learn more about the team on our About Us page.

Expansive Service Areas

We offer excellent service to the entire state of Arkansas, and we are trying to expand even more going forward. Check out our service areas to learn more about getting your Arkansas MMJ card today.

Streamlined Certification Process

If you’re interested in getting an Arkansas MMJ Card, we want that process to be simple and accessible for you. There are lots of conditions that can be treated with the help of medical cannabis, and if you need that care, we want you to get it fast.

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