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How to Stay High Longer

by in Medical Marijuana March 8, 2023

Do you want to know how to stay high longer? That is what most marijuana users, especially those targeting chronic conditions, want. A longer-lasting high means a more effective treatment and lower expenses.

Staying high is not a problem for first-time users. However, frequent users will find it hard as their bodies build a tolerance to cannabis. So what should you do? There is plenty you can do to stay high longer. Below, we will explore 14 ways to extend your high.

How Long Does a High Typically Last?

Before we teach you how to stay high longer, let’s see how long a typical high lasts. The length of a high depends on several factors, and it’s not the same for everybody. Here are some of the factors that affect this length.

Route of Administration

How you consume cannabis is the number one factor determining the length of your high.

Different types of cannabis products will stay in your body longer. For instance, smoking has a fast onset with a 3-hour high. Edibles take longer to work but give you a longer-lasting high of up to 12 hours.


Another strategy for how to stay high longer is to up your dosage. This is a valid strategy since the amount of cannabis you consume directly affects the length of your high. However, it may not be the best strategy.

THC Level

The level of THC in the product also affects the length of your high. Different marijuana strains have different potencies. The higher the THC level in your marijuana strain, the longer the high will last.


Those with a slow metabolism can stay high longer as their bodies take longer to process the cannabinoids.

Tolerance Level

New cannabis users with a low tolerance level can enjoy a longer-lasting high. On the other hand, experienced users will only have a short window to enjoy the effects of cannabis.

14 Strategies to Extend Your Marijuana High

To learn how to stay high longer, you need to consider all the factors we discussed above. Typically, a marijuana high can last anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours. You can stretch that period by using the following strategies.

1. Sip a Cup of Tea

Drinking a hot cup of tea can help extend your high. Green tea and black tea have a compound called catechin. This secondary metabolite has relaxing properties that counteract the anxiousness caused by THC while enhancing marijuana’s calming effects.

This compound is also an antioxidant that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system and intensifies the effects of cannabis. So drink a cup of tea before consuming marijuana.

2. Drink a Bottle of Beer

Another effective strategy for those wanting to know how to stay high longer is drinking beer! While mixing cannabis and alcohol is not the best idea, it can be helpful if you’re cautious.

Studies show that alcohol can increase THC absorption by opening your blood vessels. This way, your body will have a larger supply of THC, making you stay high longer. So grab a cold bottle of beer before taking your next hit, and be careful not to overdo it.

3. Eat Mangos

A sliced mango

Mangos are a tried and true hack in the cannabis community for extending a high. Those who know how to stay high longer always eat a mango before consuming cannabis.

The effectiveness of mangoes is due to their high myrcene content. Myrcene is a terpene with various benefits. One of those benefits is intensifying the effects of THC, resulting in a longer and stronger high. So grab a fresh mango to enjoy before your marijuana.

4. Consume Broccoli

Broccoli is another food that enhances the effects of medical cannabis. It’s high in beta-caryophyllene, a dietary cannabinoid that helps the endocannabinoid system.

When you eat broccoli while consuming THC, you experience the entourage effect. A calm euphoria will wash over you, relieving your pain for an extended period. So put aside your hatred for this vegetable and try this hack if you want to know how to stay high longer.

5. Enjoy Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not just a side dish anymore. They are a delicious strategy that can help you stay high longer. Sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamins, including vitamins E and B. These vitamins trigger serotonin production in your brain.

Serotonin is a feel-good chemical that elevates your mood and extends your marijuana high. Plus, the vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes can regulate your emotions and calm your mind. So prepare some fried or mashed sweet potatoes for your next high.

6. Snack on Nuts

Another strategy for how to stay high longer is snacking on nuts. Nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help the cannabinoids affect your body better. This synergy will give you a longer, more relaxed high. So keep a handful of nuts nearby the next time you want to get high.

7. Enjoy Some Dark Chocolate

If you don’t like mangos, broccolis, or nuts, you can try munching on some dark chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate with 72% cacao can enhance the effects of marijuana.

Chocolate contains chemical compounds that stop the body from breaking down anandamide, an endocannabinoid that can prolong your high. So eat some of your favorite chocolates before using marijuana to stay high longer.

8. Exercise

If you want to know how to stay high longer besides eating certain foods, you should try working out. Exercise can give you a high on itself that boosts the high created by marijuana.

Take runner’s high, for instance. Pair that with a high from THC, and you can feel the bliss and relief for hours. Plus, exercise will leave you with low body fat, allowing your body to absorb THC better.

9. Store Your Cannabis Properly

How you store your cannabis can affect the product’s potency and the ultimate length of your high. You need to know how long weed stays good and whether it expires to have the best experience.

Avoid storing marijuana in plastic containers, as they can destroy the plant’s trichomes. If you want to know how to stay high longer, keep your cannabis buds in steel or glass jars in a dark and cool place.

10. Change Your Consumption Method

To stay high longer, you need to pick a consumption method with a low absorption rate. Vaping or smoking cannabis may provide instant effects, but their high doesn’t last very long.

Try edibles instead. They take a while to affect your body as they must go through your liver’s first pass effect and be digested. When they do kick in, you can enjoy a 12-hour high. Be careful not to take too much at a time, and use our edible dosing guide to stay safe.

11. Smoke Your Cannabis in a Confined Space

If you want to know how to stay high longer with joints, the answer is inside your closet. And we mean that literally! Smoking in a confined space allows cannabis to fill the air.

With every breath you take, you will inhale some of the product. Also called hot-boxing, this method is very effective at prolonging your high. The downside is that it’s a very smelly method!

12. Try Stronger Strains

Cannabis buds in glass containers

Full-spectrum products and marijuana strains with higher THC levels allow you to stay high longer. Plus, you will have to take less of the product to feel the effects, so it’s more budget-friendly. You can choose from this list of the top 30 strongest marijuana strains.

13. Change Your Routine

Changing your routine is another strategy for how to stay high longer. Switching the time you take your cannabis can be effective. For instance, if you consume medical marijuana in the mornings, change it to evenings.

Taking your cannabis in the evening can intensify the effects and allow you to prolong your high. The main goal of this strategy is catching your brain off guard, and a simple shift in your routine achieves that.

14. Take Tolerance Breaks

Tolerance to THC can build up quickly, especially in patients who rely on medical cannabis daily to improve their symptoms. Taking a tolerance break is a helpful hack that can solve this problem.

To learn how to stay high longer with this strategy, try to abstain from cannabis for a while. Take a few weeks or even a month off to reset your body. You’ll be surprised by the high when you come back to it!

Experience Long-Lasting Highs With Ozark MMJ Cards

Staying high longer requires experimentation. So be patient and try the strategies we provided to find the ones that work for you.

If you want to experience the relieving high of medical marijuana for your health condition, we can help. Ozark MMJ Cards offers fast and affordable certification and renewal services in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma to help you get your medical marijuana card in no time.

Contact us now to talk to an expert and begin your certification. If you enjoyed this article on how to stay high longer, visit our cannabis blog for more educational reads.

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