Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

The Difference Between Medical Marijuana Cards and Certification

by in Certification Process April 15, 2021

As more turn to medical marijuana in hopes of experiencing the many medical benefits of marijuana use, people are becoming more curious about the medical marijuana process. Every year, new states are passing laws that make using cannabis easier. To follow Arkansas’ legal requirements, residents must qualify for medical marijuana and get written approval from a licensed doctor. After this approval has been provided, the application process begins.

Let’s explore what happens after you’ve been approved by a doctor and the difference between a marijuana certification and a medical marijuana card.

What is Medical Marijuana Certification?

Medical marijuana certification is a document that a licensed doctor gives you when you are approved for medical marijuana use. Usually, getting certified is the first step of the medical marijuana process because in Arkansas the only way a patient is able to access medical marijuana is if they have one or more of the 18 qualifying conditions. Cancer, PTSD, and many other conditions are included on the list, which should be reviewed by a patient prior to scheduling an appointment with a doctor.

A nurse wearing masks and gloves looking at a clipboard.

If the patient already knows that they qualify, they may provide proof of their diagnosis when they arrive at the doctor’s appointment. During the telemedicine visit, the doctor will verify your diagnosis, and sign your Physician’s Written Certification for medical marijuana, and you will receive the complete form in your email inbox moments later.

This document they receive from the doctor is proof that they are eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card within the state of Arkansas. This certification cannot be presented to a dispensary to get access to medical cannabis and will not be accepted.

Registering Medical Marijuana Certification with the State

Registering your medical marijuana certification with the state of Arkansas is the final step in the medical marijuana process. This is the final step before you receive the physical medical marijuana card that allows you to access Arkansas dispensaries and get the product you need.

Someone’s hands on a laptop as they complete the last stage of the medical marijuana certification process.

You must head to the Arkansas state website to create an account and register within the Arkansas Medical Marijuana System. The will have you complete your proof of residency form, which is a short form showing that you reside in Arkansas – it requires a state ID upload. Then, you’ll upload your Physician’s Written Certification, pay the $50 processing fee, and they will dispense your card in 1 – 15 business days.

The online application will say “processing” until it is successful and says “issued”. At that point, you can PRINT your card off the Arkansas website and that can be used to go to a dispensary that day. The Arkansas Department of Health will also mail you a paper copy.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card is obtained as a result of following all the steps within the medical marijuana process. Just like a driver’s license or health insurance card, this is state-approved documentation that shows you’re approved for medical cannabis use. This is what you will need to show dispensaries when picking up medical marijuana, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe. Medical marijuana cards expire after one year, but they can be easily renewed. This is a fast process when you’re a patient of Ozark MMJ Cards!

Get Certified with Ozark MMJ Cards

Ozark MMJ Cards simplifies the process of medical marijuana approval. Interested patients can schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our dedicated doctors to determine their eligibility for medical marijuana. With fast, easy, online telemedicine appointments, Ozark MMJ Cards is a highly effective resource, not only for learning what medical marijuana certification is but also for certifying you and aiding you in the state’s application process afterward.

Start an application to begin the medical marijuana process or call to speak with an Ozark MMJ Cards expert today!

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