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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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Everything You Need to Know About Craft Cannabis

by in Medical Marijuana November 4, 2022

We live in the age of cannabis, and there is a new addition to this growing family of plants – craft cannabis. This top-shelf cannabis is the result of hundreds of hours of hard work to enhance the already fantastic properties of the plant using sustainable farming practices.

If this is the first time you hear about craft or artisanal cannabis, we are here to answer all your questions. In this article, we will take a closer look at this premium type of marijuana and the reason behind its popularity. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is superior-quality, organic cannabis grown in small batches with great care. Producing this type of cannabis starts with evaluating different strains of marijuana to create the optimum genetic makeup for maximum benefits. Its cultivation uses minimal natural resources, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

Growing this premium type of cannabis is a demanding task. However, the result is worth the extra effort as it produces a clean product with enhanced medicinal effects and no synthetic chemicals. The price tag matches the hard work, but users are more than willing to pay the extra buck.

The History of Craft Cannabis

Artisanal cannabis might be a new concept, but it dates back hundreds of years to Guadalest, a small Valencian town in Spain.

Back then, farmers used environmentally friendly methods to grow marijuana. For instance, they used ladybugs for pest control and water from natural waterfalls to irrigate their soils. They even put bells on strings around their crops to prevent trespassers and wild animals.

Over time, these practices improved and were passed down to generations who immigrated to other countries and set up their cannabis farms. Today, modern growers across the world use their legacy, allowing people with qualifying conditions for medical marijuana to benefit from them.

Craft Cannabis Vs. Commercial Cannabis

Craft marijuana growers aim to increase the level of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in their products while reducing the negative environmental impacts of their farming practices. They prioritize quality over revenue. That is not a claim many commercial cannabis producers can make.

Commercial marijuana growers mainly focus on increasing the THC level of their products and selling them for as low a price as they can afford to turn a profit. They run large-scale operations with little regard for their environmental impacts or the quality of their products. Of course, not all commercial cannabis producers are this way, but they don’t hold the same high standards as artisanal cannabis producers.

Advantages of Craft Cannabis

Craft weed offers various benefits, especially for those trying medical marijuana for their mental health, PTSD, or other conditions. Let’s review some of them.

Small Batches

Since craft marijuana cultivators prioritize quality over quantity, they grow their plants in small batches. 5,000 to 10,000 square feet is usually the space they use. This small scale allows them to take a more hands-on approach and pay close attention to their crops. They can eliminate problems as they arise to produce top-notch craft cannabis.

Special Care

A person wearing gloves and holding cannabis leaves

Growing artisanal cannabis requires a great deal of care and dedication. This special care starts from selecting the best strains and maximizing the cannabinoid and terpene profile to cultivating and delivering the product to users. Unlike commercial cannabis, craft weed growers hand-trim their plants to ensure they retain the highest potency and quality.

Organic Farming

Chemical pesticides have no place in growing craft marijuana. Farmers avoid the convenient farming practices of commercial cannabis in favor of producing a cleaner product. Instead, they use organic methods to grow their plants and keep their customers safe.

Eco-Friendly Practices

The farming practices of craft cannabis growers are also environmentally friendly. Apart from avoiding chemical pesticides, they use less water and electricity. Plus, some manufacturers use innovative ways, such as growing their weed in coconut husks instead of soil. These practices are more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to regular cannabis cultivation.

Quality Control

Due to the smaller scale of processes for producing artisanal cannabis, growers have greater control over the final quality of their cannabis. They can carefully oversee each step to ensure their end product has the highest quality and preserves all the plant’s beneficial components.

Sophisticated Branding

Craft cannabis is a high-end product, and brands that carry it reflect it in their packaging. Upon walking into a dispensary, you can easily spot high-quality craft marijuana with distinctive packages and eye-catching logos on higher shelves.

Small Businesses

Unlike commercial cannabis produced by big companies, most artisanal cannabis brands are small businesses. Their owners are regular people who are just as enthusiastic about cannabis as you are. By buying craft weed, you support small businesses while purchasing from someone who cares enough to go the extra mile and produce premium quality cannabis.

Disadvantages of Craft Cannabis

One hundred dollar bill and a cannabis leaf

Unfortunately, craft weed has downsides that keep some people from reaching the top shelf and grabbing quality products. Let’s look at a few of them.

High Price

Due to the more complex processes involved in developing craft marijuana, its price point is higher than regular weed, sometimes twice as much. Many can’t afford it or don’t want to spend that much when they can get cannabis for a lower price. However, the higher quality and environmental impacts of artisanal cannabis justify the cost for many users.

Lack of Regulations

Another downside of craft cannabis is that it’s still unregulated. Until laws are determined, it’s safe to assume the same regulations that apply to commercial cannabis apply to this type of cannabis.

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