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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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How to Track What Marijuana Strains Work Best for You

by in Medical Marijuana April 15, 2021

As time goes on we are seeing improvements in the way the public views marijuana use. As federal restrictions loosen and more people begin using marijuana medically, the way we view cannabis use overall changes, too. With the increase in widespread distribution, the availability of cannabis has only become more diverse, with not only numerous strains to take advantage of but also unique growing techniques that can further influence the strain’s effects. Nowadays, we have indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to choose from so knowing the best types of marijuana strains for you may take some exploration.

Just like any other medication, it’s important to keep track of the types of marijuana you use so you can find out what works best for you and your condition. Let’s explore some key considerations in tracking marijuana strains and how you can be more mindfully medicated after getting certified for medical marijuana.

A close-up photo of a bud of dried cannabis.

Be Mindful of the Big Picture

While there are many different types of medical marijuana to choose from, you should never neglect the big picture of your overall health. Diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, and other lifestyle factors should also be considered as you introduce cannabis into your lifestyle as well. This is why those interested in getting a medical marijuana card are required to receive a certification from a licensed physician. Depending on the doctor, you may also be able to get guidance on marijuana strains and products so you know what to buy.

Having a firm understanding of your personal lifestyle and habits while trying different types of marijuana strains helps when determining if you’re experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana. Perhaps one week you feel a particular strain has made you feel lethargic, but this also occurs at a time when you haven’t had time to exercise as much as usual. Medical marijuana is only one element of an entire picture of your personal health, so treat it as one of the many factors.

Keep a Cannabis Journal

Thanks to advances in cannabis research, we have never had more transparency in terms of the chemical makeup of different types of marijuana strains. And with all of these options comes a need for note-making, especially if you’re the type that likes to sample from a variety of products available at your favorite dispensary. This is why you need a cannabis journal in order to give yourself a properly personalized guide to marijuana strains.

Keeping track of the types of marijuana you’re medicating with in the same way you might keep a dream journal or a food log is a positive step toward mindfully pursuing overall wellness. Tracking what strains you’re using and how often is great for catching patterns and noticing improvements over time. It also helps with dosage amounts and steering clear of strains that you’ve previously disliked.

An iPhone resting on top of a journal near a laptop.

Set Yourself Up for Accuracy with Digital Tools

Everyone’s wellness journey is different, so choosing the best method of tracking the different types of marijuana you’ve tried is important for setting yourself up for success and truthful results. Especially for those struggling with more serious qualifying conditions, keeping a consistent and accurate cannabis journal is helpful in determining your best treatment plan.

For the tech-savvy, there are digital tools available for tracking types of marijuana strains. Perfect for those that want to track cannabis use and strain information quickly and on-the-go, these tracking applications, such as Leafly, can really help in finding the proper treatment patterns and potentially improving overall health.

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