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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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How to Use a Tincture

by in Medical Marijuana August 9, 2022

You may be exploring different methods of consuming medical marijuana – or perhaps your wellness journey has just begun and you’re wondering where to start. In either case, tinctures are a great way to consume medical marijuana safely and discreetly, with benefits such as effective administration and flexible dosing. Not to mention that tinctures are extremely convenient to store and will last you a long time. 

While you can conveniently find marijuana tinctures at your local cannabis dispensary, you can also take the time to make one at home with just a few ingredients. But before you begin using them for treatment, it’s important to learn how to use a tincture and the dosing techniques.

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures are made by soaking certain parts of plants in food-grade alcohol for a few weeks, which allows the active ingredients of the plant to be drawn out by the alcohol. This creates a powerful concoction with concentrated properties of the plant, which can be used as a herbal remedy to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions.

Tinctures can also be made using non-alcoholic bases such as water, glycerin, or vinegar. Technically, these are called infusions, although they are equally as effective as alcohol-based tinctures.

Marijuana Tinctures

A black tincture bottle laying on marijuana leaves

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a popular form of cannabinoid. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the substance in cannabis plants that is responsible for the effects on a person’s mental state upon consumption. The cannabis plants that contain very low amounts of THC are not considered marijuana – they are called ‘industrial hemp’ under US law.

Tinctures are often made with an infusion of CBD or THC, among other cannabinoids. There are three primary types of CBD tinctures, which are:

  • CBD Isolate Tincture – This kind of tincture contains only the CBD cannabinoid along with a carrier oil
  • Broad-spectrum CBD Tinctures – These tinctures contain cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp, but do not contain THC.
  • Full-spectrum CBD Tinctures – These contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp, along with some fractional amounts of THC.

Apart from this classification, CBD tinctures can also differ in other ways, along with parameters such as which carrier oils are used, the liquid base, and the particular extraction processes. It’s best to consult your doctor so you can determine which kind of tincture will work for your needs, and learn how to use it for furthering your wellness.

Things to Consider When Dosing with Tinctures

There are a few factors to consider when you choose the dosing for your tincture. You’ll want to take into account the following parameters, in addition to consulting with your doctor.

The Tincture’s Concentration

The concentration of the tincture you choose will impact the time it takes for you to feel effects and might alter their intensity. 

Body Weight

Your body weight and size will determine how susceptible you may be to feeling intense effects after you use a regular dosage of the tincture. After all, our bodies are all built uniquely – and just as we have varying metabolisms and alcohol tolerances, different dosings of a marijuana tincture can also affect our bodies differently.


With age, our tolerance to certain substances can increase or decrease due to health-related issues or other factors. We suggest consulting your doctor to check if you may be susceptible to any side effects. Consider how your body’s capacity to handle substances may have altered with age and change your dosage accordingly.

Treatable Condition(s)

Depending on the condition(s) you are hoping to treat with marijuana tinctures, you may require a higher or lower dose. We recommend consulting with your doctor or contacting our team of medical experts with any specific questions you may have about your condition or the certification process to get your MMJ card.

Other Medications Containing CBD or THC

In case you’re taking any other medication containing CBD or THC, be sure to mention this to your doctor and seek the appropriate dosing for your marijuana tincture. It’s also always a good idea to make sure that your MMJ card is up to date. If it is close to expiring, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you renew your certification on time.

How to Consume Tinctures: 5 Methods

There are a number of ways to enjoy tinctures and get the most benefits for your specific needs. If you’re wondering how to actually consume tinctures, here is a breakdown of 5 common methods you can use.

      1. Mix It Into Your Favorite Beverage

Whether it’s a refreshing lemonade, some green tea, or your go-to smoothie, simply measure out the dose using your dropper, stir the tincture into your beverage, and enjoy!

Dropper with tincture being added into a clear glass of tea

       2. Take It Sublingually

This is the most popular way for people to administer tincture since it is very effective and comes with a shorter onset time. It involves placing the tincture beneath your tongue and allowing it to absorb directly into the bloodstream. It is also very beginner friendly since you’ll be able to measure and understand your body’s response much sooner after taking your dose. However, some many people find the taste a bit too overpowering to use this method.

      3. Add It to Your Favorite Meal

If you simply can’t stand how the tincture tastes, you can try adding your required dosage directly into your meals and consuming it that way. When you use this method, you may notice that the tincture adds a slight flavor of cannabis to your food.

      4. Take It Orally

For those who are unbothered by taste, placing the drops directly into your mouth and swallowing them orally is also an effective method of administration. With this method, the effects can take around 2 hours to become apparent.

      5. Adding Tinctures to Other Edibles

Lastly, you can also add a few drops of your tincture to marijuana-infused edibles you already have. This can be helpful in case you’re trying to increase the potency of the edible. Only take this step if you have previous experience with tinctures and edibles, and as always, consult your doctor beforehand.

These 5 methods are just a few ways to introduce tinctures into your journey towards good health. But before you can begin using tinctures, it’s important to make sure that you’re in compliance with your state’s guidelines.

How to Get Licensed to Use Marijuana Tinctures

Getting certified for your medical marijuana card is affordable and easy with Ozark MMJ Cards. To begin, you can find out if you’re eligible for an MMJ Card by viewing your state’s qualifying conditions. Once you’re ready to begin, fill out our form to kickstart the process. You’ll soon hear back from our team, following which we’ll help you set up an appointment to get your certification. We offer consultations online depending on your location and needs.

Already have an MMJ card and need to renew it? We can also help with that! Support is always available at Ozark MMJ Cards because we believe in making holistic medicine accessible to those who need it.

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