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How to Register For Your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

At Ozark MMJ Cards, we make getting your Arkansas medical marijuana card easy and simple. While following Arkansas’ medical marijuana laws, registering your certification for an Arkansas medical marijuana card is actually the LAST step. Once you’ve received Arkansas medical marijuana card certification from one of our doctors, it is time to register. 

Please follow the steps below to send your certification to the government while following all Arkansas medical marijuana laws so they can give your medical marijuana card to you ASAP!

To Submit Your Application

  • 1 Check your email for your complete “Physician’s Written Certification Form”. The doctor will sign this after your appointment, so it may take a few moments. You will get your complete Physician’s Written Certification in an email from DocuSign.
  • 2 Save the PDF file on your computer or phone.
  • 3 Follow the link to Arkansas’ Department of Health found in the “Useful Links” section below to create a new account with, or sign in to your account if you already have one. Remember to write down your email and password for your account so you can sign back in to print your medical marijuana card, once it’s approved.
  • 4 Once your account is created, fill out the personal fields and upload (1) your Arkansas Photo Identification and (2) your completed Physician’s Certification Form.
  • 5 Next, pay the $50 processing fee and click submit. You will see a confirmation page showing that your State Application has been successfully submitted and is in process.


with the State of Arkansas Department of Health

with the State of Arkansas Department of Health

What To Do After You Submit Your Application To The State

Check your status for Approval After Submitting your application to the state. Depending on the time of year, it will take the state anywhere from 1 or 2 business days to 13 or 14 business days to approve an application. Keep checking back to see if your application has been approved so you can print your card off of their website as soon as possible. The status should say “Pending” until it is finally approved. If the status ever changes to “Update”, please call the state as soon as possible at (833) 214-8619 and find out what needs to be updated before your application can be processed.

When your status says “approved”, you can print the digital copy of your card and begin using it at dispensaries! Go to Home on the menu in order to find the print option. You will be mailed a hard copy of your MMJ CARD in 10-14 business days.

Follow this link to check the status of your Arkansas medical marijuana card.

Questions? Contact our team to learn more!​