Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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The Relationship Between Medical Marijuana and Dementia

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According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 10 million new cases of dementia worldwide each year. While these numbers show just how common it is among senior citizens, dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. This condition impacts problem-solving skills, inhibits cognitive ability, and causes memory loss all of which makes it hard to go on with daily activities and relate to loved ones. 

In recent years, more people have been focusing on marijuana and dementia, specifically in terms of Alzheimer’s disease. The pathology between the two may have more to do with one another than we once believed.

Dementia Causes and Symptoms

There are several common causes of dementia including certain diseases and injuries resulting from accidents. Dementia starts to set in when these events disrupt the normal functionality of the brain. A person who is on the verge of dementia will behave strangely in social settings, be unhappy often, and have difficulty controlling their emotions. In the advanced stages, the patient may show more serious symptoms like a failure to recognize family members, short-term memory loss, and bouts of confusion.

Cannabis is a natural, holistic treatment that can be used in place of certain harsh medications that can be harmful to older patients. Since it’s mainly the elderly population that is affected by this condition, combining medical marijuana and dementia patients provides many benefits.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for about 60-70% of all registered cases. This disease primarily damages memory and negatively affects the way a person thinks and behaves. It is highly progressive and fast to become fatal if left unmanaged. As research on the topic of marijuana and dementia continues to grow, patients are beginning to prefer it over more traditional methods.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the US? On average, a person only lives about 6 years after diagnosis. However, with proper preventative measures and treatment, that number can be increased considerably.

Science has found a link between the active chemicals in marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Evidence suggests that the cannabinoids and alkaloids in marijuana can slow down the progression of this disease by activating microglial cells responsible for repairing the brain and spine. 

Why Use Medical Marijuana for Dementia

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Research on using medical marijuana for dementia symptoms and side effects have shown some promise. A recent Geneva study found that CBD and THC oral drops improved the dementia subjects’ behavior by 40%. Since a standard dosage has not been defined by experts yet, some experimentation will be required to find out what works best for you or your loved ones. We advise having a medical professional help you weigh the potential benefits and risks of this treatment method.

Ozark MMJ is Here for You

If you or a loved one has symptoms of dementia, do not wait until it is too late. Though there is no cure, early discovery and treatment can help delay disease progression and weaken the severity of the symptoms. Alzheimer’s disease is a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card in both Arkansas and Missouri. It is also frequently substantial for certification in Oklahoma as well. We encourage you to contact our experts to learn more about the topic of marijuana and dementia and begin taking the necessary steps toward certification.