Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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What to Expect When Visiting the Doctor for Medical Marijuana Certification

by in Certification Process April 15, 2021

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There are many reasons someone might consider using medical marijuana as part of their treatment plan. As the science of cannabis continues to get better and we learn more and more regarding what marijuana can treat, it’s only natural that the popularity of medical marijuana has grown, too. That being said, previous federal restrictions surrounding the topic have led to some confusion and many questions on marijuana and how we’re able to potentially benefit from it. We’ll explore what it takes to be eligible for certification, as well as what to expect when visiting a doctor to see how marijuana might help you medically. We’ll also cover how Ozark MMJ Cards has taken steps to make this approval process easy for patients throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Scheduling the Appointment

For residents of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma interested in getting certified, it’s important to understand your personal eligibility before scheduling the first appointment. If you’ve never considered medical marijuana before, you probably have questions about how it might help you. Speaking with a doctor is the first step toward answering many of these questions on marijuana-related topics, and the first step in applying for a medical marijuana card.

There are 18 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Arkansas and qualifying conditions for Missouri and Oklahoma as well. For many of the conditions listed there, patients might already have proof of eligibility if they’ve visited a doctor for that issue before. When you schedule an appointment, you should expect to meet with the doctor for around 15 minutes, but if you have questions on marijuana benefits, you can, and should, ask for a little more of the doctor’s time.

During the Visit

A visit with a doctor that provides marijuana certification looks similar to a standard yearly check-up, but the marijuana-prescribing doctor you meet with needs to spend time with you confirming that you have a condition qualifying you to be certified. If you know for a fact that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions, make sure to submit any documentation you may have that proves it.

If you have any questions on how marijuana will affect your body, the doctor’s visit is the best place to voice these concerns. By the end of the visit, you’ll have a stronger understanding of your eligibility and the doctor can explain the next steps of the medical marijuana process.

A happy woman speaking to a doctor on a phone.

Receiving and Registering Certification

If you’re deemed eligible by a doctor in Arkansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma for medical marijuana, you will receive written certification that allows you to apply with the state for a medical marijuana card. A common question on marijuana certifications comes next: now what? Registering your certification with the state to get the medical card is the final step in the legal process of getting your card. After you’ve been approved by the state, you’re able to print out a digital copy of your medical marijuana card and visit any of the great dispensaries in your area!

Ozark MMJ Cards Elevates the Certification Process

Ozark MMJ Cards makes getting certified and approved for a medical marijuana card simpler than ever before. We go the extra mile by providing comprehensive telemedicine appointments to help interested patients get approved in an affordable and comfortable way. Due to research being legally-restricted in the past, we just don’t know everything about what marijuana can treat yet, but we do know how it can help users feel better. When it comes to wellness, we can answer any questions on marijuana that you may have and give you trusted guidance on how to complete the entire certification process if you think marijuana may be right for you.

Save time and money while taking advantage of everything medical marijuana might be able to offer you with Ozark MMJ Cards. Complete an application to get started or call to talk to an expert today!

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