Arkansas Marijuana Legalization: Do I Need a Certification To Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

by in Medical Marijuana May 4, 2021

The fight for complete Arkansas marijuana legalization continues. Right now, the government of Arkansas allows only controlled uses of marijuana for medical purposes. Only individuals who acquire a medical marijuana (MMJ) card can legally use it. So who is eligible for this card, and what is required by the application process? One common point of […]

The History of Arkansas Weed Laws

by in Medical Marijuana April 12, 2021

1923 America The history of Arkansas weed laws goes back to 1923. As marijuana farming and use were increasing, so were stereotypes of marijuana users. There was no clear evidence showing wide-spread negative effects of marijuana use, but the government impulsively banned it completely and made possessing it illegal. The War on Drugs In 1984, […]

What is the PTSD Test and How AR MMJ Cards Uses it in the Clinical Setting?

by in Medical Marijuana, Written by Dr. Daniel March 1, 2021

The PTSD Test is a diagnostic screening tool used to quantify the severity of each of the 17 symptoms of PTSD. Each item of the questionnaire is scored on a symptom severity scale of 0 to 4, corresponding to “not at all’ to ‘extremely severe symptoms’. Additional items are included to assess  further comorbidities and […]

Your Brain on Weed: The Cannabis Effect on Mitochondria Function Explained

by in Medical Marijuana, Written by Dr. Daniel January 12, 2021

You might want to break out some sticky sativa and start grinding because I’ve got some pretty groundbreaking stuff coming your way. Today we start the series on how marijuana can paradoxically protect our brains and slow the process of aging. Cannabinoid agonists (chemicals that bind cannabinoid receptors), once thought to impair the function of […]

Purspirit Cannabis Co in Fayetteville, AR – Dispensary Review

by in Dispensary, Medical Marijuana January 4, 2021

Dispensary General Info: Purspirit Cannabis Co. According to “Purspirit Cannabis Co. is Fayetteville’s premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Established in 2019: we supply customers in Northwest Arkansas with the area’s largest in-store selection of cannabis products. Our always expanding inventory includes THC & CBD Edibles, Tinctures, Concentrates, Flower, and much more!” Address: 3390 M.L.K. Jr […]

Medical Marijuana Doctor and Medical Cannabis Basics

by in Medical Cannabis News, Medical Marijuana September 26, 2020

Sometimes information about medical marijuana card certifications can be confusing and we at AR MMJ Cards like things simple, so we wanted to walk through some of the basics of medical marijuana* including general cannabis-related definitions, medical marijuana doctors, qualifying conditions, MMJ Cards, and dispensaries. Within the article, there are several resources linked to help ensure your medical cannabis journey is more simplified.

Dr Daniel’s Guide to Balanced Cannabis Dosing

by in Medical Marijuana, Written by Dr. Daniel September 8, 2020

I love you guys. You’re just frigging great. I owe a debt of gratitude to the medical cannabis community for giving me a voice and platform that, ultimately, has led to my success. So in the spirit of paying it forward, I’d like to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained as my clinical career in medicine has now morphed into a much more natural functional approach to whole-body optimization. Cannabis medicine is in its nascent stages in Western Medicine so establishing guidelines regarding whole-plant cannabis dosing and administration is also in its infancy.