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Now Available: Telehealth MMJ Card Renewal in Arkansas

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Acanza In Fayetteville, AR – Dispensary Review

by in Dispensary, Medical Marijuana October 16, 2020

About Dispensary:

We wanted to give Acanza a five-star dispensary review because their product storage is pretty good, their prices are excellent, and they are in a great location. However, their staff members in the front are unprofessional and unhelpful. The budtenders are generally amazing, but the initial impressions were cold. We felt torn because we’ve always believed that product storage is the most important, followed by price. However, Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville Arkansas has caused us to reconsider. It goes to show that the culture of a company and the attitude of the employees can make a huge difference.
Product Storage Score: 4/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ideally, a dispensary will store their marijuana flower in a dimly lit, cool (not cold) environment, with minimal exposure to air. Acanza has very good product storage habits. Although the dispensary is brightly lit, you can see that the glass jars are kept in a dark cabinet behind the counter, where they’re unexposed to light. The Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, AR keeps their flower that is not in jars in one of two kinds of bags: a white, thick-walled, light-proof bag, and a brown, heavy-weight paper, dipped-in-plastic bag with plastic lining.

The white bags in particular are great for product storage. The foiled plastic used in their bagging seals tightly to protect the terpenes from the air and keeps the product safe from light exposure. When you examine the bag, you can see that there is a test date and a packaging date; the product is tested before it arrives at the dispensary and is packaged after arrival. 

The packaging date should be the last time that nug was exposed before purchase. A few of the times that we visited Fayetteville’s Acanza dispensary, we received a product that was more than a month past the packaging date. Once, it was in one of those paper bags (and it was on sale), but the product was extremely dry, and it seemed to be less effective. However, that’s somewhat subjective. We are skeptical that the brown bags preserve the product as well as the others do.

Pricing Score : 5/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall, a major positive highlight of this dispensary review is that Acanza Health group has fantastic pricing. In comparison with a lot of other Fayetteville, Arkansas medical dispensaries, Acanza’s product pricing system is great. First, their bud increments begin in grams, which they sell for as little as $10, $12, and $15. This is a wonderful option if you’re looking to pick up just a little or if you want to sample several strains. For newer patients that want to sample a variety to find what they like, Acanza is a good place to visit. 

Additionally, Acanza offers a discount of 10% to patients below a specific income level, and 20% on Sundays. Upon your first visit there, they offer you a sheet to fill out to enroll in the program. Bud pricing is a large hesitation for certain individuals eligible for medical marijuana, so this is a great find. Only a few locations such as the Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, AR have programs like this one to make the burden lighter for low-income households.

Wait Time & Staff Score: 2/5 Stars ⭐⭐

It was difficult for us to finalize our thoughts on this category within the Acanza dispensary review due to polarizing experiences. We went back more than once to see if we’d ever have a better experience, but we kept running into the same issue. Finally, we landed on two stars for their staff and wait time, and we feel that two stars is very fair for the type of experience you can expect from Acanza if you were to go there regularly.

The wait is pretty long in proportion to how many people are ever in the dispensary at one time. The lines at the Fayetteville Acanza dispensary move very, very slowly. Even if there is just one other person, expect a wait. The front staff is unhelpful and at times even aggressive. They treat the patients like it’s their own fault for not knowing how Acanza’s check-in works. In contrast, the budtenders are extremely kind and helpful. All of them that we’ve encountered radiate positivity. The difference between the front-of-house and back-of-house is night and day.

The First Visit

Our first time visiting Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, AR was the best experience of them all. Despite the poor communication from the staff and the bad first impression received by how they address new customers, this was our smoothest experience with Acanza. We arrived and were told to place an order online, after which we waited for the order to be complete. The front-of-house staff was short with us, almost as if annoyed to be there, but once we met the budtender, it was a complete 180. He answered my questions, mentioned income-specific pricing, and explained their products to me. This was a welcomed shift but did provide some emotional whiplash from the rudeness we’d already experienced. 

Total Wait Time: 15 minutes. 

The Second Visit

We visited Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, AR a second time to add to the legitimacy of our dispensary review, and upon arrival, we found no one outside to check our certification. In the lobby, there were about five other patrons and a security guard. Another individual arrived and walked inside, heading straight to the counter to pick up an order. The security guard snapped at him, raising his voice and asking him what he was doing, at which the man explained he wasn’t aware that he had done anything wrong since his order was completed online. After another rude interaction with the guard, the man left. Afterward, the guard and front-of-house staff laughed and mocked the man in front of the other patients in the lobby and openly expressed doubt that the man was even a patient. 

Overall, it was an uncomfortable and awkward experience and we were shocked to see staff criticizing a patient in front of their other clientele. Again, the budtender was amazing once we were in the back. Like the first time, he was very polite, super helpful, and provided a positive end to an unfortunate experience. 

The Final Experience 

Our most recent experience with Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, AR was one defined by an exceedingly long wait time. When we arrived, there were 14 people in line. At one point, a woman entered the room and decided to cut the line to be second after wandering around the room aimlessly for a bit. This was a bit strange, but we didn’t mention anything to the security guard outside who didn’t notice this occur. We waited to be helped for quite some time, to the point that once we were called to meet with the budtender we had to be in a hurry to pay and leave. 

This time visiting Fayetteville’s Acanza dispensary, we brought a friend along. She sat in the car and waited during our visit. She later told us that the Acanza security guard approached her, doubtful of her reasoning to be in the parking lot. This could maybe be considered acceptable behavior if we hadn’t explicitly told the guard that a friend was waiting in the car. Not only was that communication ignored, but our friend was hassled while waiting patiently outside.

Total Wait Time: 32 minutes.

Overall Score: 4/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Based on our experiences with the Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we think they should evaluate their customer service protocols. Whatever training the budtenders went through would likely benefit the front-of-house staff tremendously as well. All dispensaries are different, so it’s unfair to assume that your clientele understands that the process entirely and doesn’t need assistance. Acanza’s pricing is outstanding and the product storage is great, so if they could re-train their staff on how to better interact with the public, this dispensary could become a great destination.

Requirements for Visiting Acanza Dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Certification 

Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like the Acanza dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas patients must first receive a medical marijuana card from the state. Qualified patients with the state-required certification can complete this process after getting proof of a qualifying condition. Once the certification has been received and registered, patients will be able to visit any Arkansas medical marijuana dispensary.

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