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About Dispensary The ReLeaf Center

“As the premier destination for medical cannabis dispensary products and services, it is the mission of ReLeaf Center to provide patients access to high quality, affordable alternative solutions to meet the needs of all of their qualifying conditions”

Address: 9400 E McNelly Rd, Bentonville, AR 72712

Phone# (479) 488-2071





Fort Cannabis Company in Fort Smith, Arkansas is one of my favorite dispensaries, that I’ve been to in Arkansas. From the friendly customer service, to the comfortable show room for waiting on your purchase, the user experience is pleasantly seemless.

Product Storage Score:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ideally, a dispensary will store their marijuana flower in a dimly lit, cool (not cold) environment, with minimal exposure to air. ReLeaf storage checks all of those boxes. The lighting inside the entire dispensary is dim, and the temperature is moderately cool. 

The buds that live in glass containers, are stored in dark bins, which protect them from light. Their product is stored in individual containers, which means it is not exposed to air from the time it is packaged to the time you purchase it.

All of these measures serve to protect the terpenes and tricomes on the plant. That’s just the scientific way of saying it protects your high. When you hear about “old bud,” that’s referring to bud with deteriorated terpenes. 

Naturally weed will age, even when kept in ideal conditions, and ReLeaf runs specials to clear out all of their products that are beginning to get old. This is key, because you know you can ALWAYS get good quality from a dispensary with that sort of practice.

Pricing Score :⭐⭐⭐⭐

ReLeaf prices are good considering the amount, but they rarely sell in increments less than an eighth. If you only have a couple bucks to pick up a gram or so, you probably won’t be able to find anything at ReLeaf.

However, if you are fine with buying an eighth or more at once, The ReLeaf Center has strains in different “tier levels,” tier prices ranging from $25 to $55 an eighth for cannabis flower. 

There seems to be a choice for everyone, though. If you like edibles, wax, vapes, of even shake (which a lot of places don’t have), there is a variety of options in a wide range of prices.

Wait & Staff Score :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Even when there is a line a ReLeaf there is never a wait. They are adequately staffed, and thus can get people in and out really quickly.

True to its name, The ReLeaf Center has created a buying experience that is pleasant and relaxing. I’ve met three of their security guards, each of whom was kind and helpful. The staff generally remembers your name after your second or third visit, and they are extremely helpful if you want to change it up or ask any kind of questions

The buying experience is positive whether it’s your first or hundredth time. Once you arrive, a smiling face greets you. Once you enter a smiling face asks how you are doing and welcomes you back. You never feel rushed to make a decision, or like they’re trying to get you out quickly. 

Once you’ve concluded your time, they wish you a nice day, and you pass a line of smiling employees on your way out. Not only are they never understaffed, but every one of their staff members is kind, helpful, and leaves you feeling positive. The environment of this dispensary is second to none.


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like This One, Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; OZARK MMJ Cards can provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

CALL ARMMJ CARDS: (479) 308-5000

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